Community Activities

Street Shirt Distribution


Community Free Food Programme

We provide free food and drinks every Wednesday and Sunday. Come in and have a bite and a hot drink.

Community Free Food

Youth Activities

We believe that our youths are a vital part of the community so we treasure them and include them in all our annual plans.

Some of their dedicated activities include:

  • Social lunch events
  • Cinema trips
  • Autumn youth camp in October
  • Free musical instrument training
  • Summer Youth Jamz (a music event)
Youth Camp 2019


We believe that our natural resources come from God so we encourage members friends and supporters to give daily monthly or periodic donations to support the gospel mission.

The funds are used to provide welfare donations, housing support and community feeding to disadvantaged families, self funding international students and people on low income.

We also seek and apply for extra funding from charity organisations and grant making bodies in order to support our mission.

Macmillan Cancer Support 2019


Life can be tough sometimes, if you are finding it hard to cope with a life event or overwhelmed by life issues it may be helpful to talk to a counsellor who have been trained to untangle emotions and psychological weave of life.

This service is open to anybody in the community even if you are not of our faith or denomination.

Waiting List: We operate a 6-week waiting list after which you will be contacted by telephone for an initial phone assessment.

All counselling sessions are by appointment at agreed times on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Counselling Cost: All counselling charges will be based on your income.


Contact Us

Please, feel free to contact us by email ( One of our church secretaries will be on hand to answer your queries.

  • Adewale Adetomi
  • Uchenna Nnabuko