House Fellowship

The House Fellowship creates an opportunity for members of the church to meet in smaller groups outside the church environment. It provides an opportunity for members of the church living in the same vicinity to fellowship with one another. These smaller units or House Fellowship groups create opportunities for our members to sharpen each other as they interact and ask questions which they may not be able to do. within the general church services, thereby helping in their spiritual growth.

Currently, two House Fellowship centres operate. Please, find below the addresses of the House Fellowship centres and the names of their hosts and coordinators:

Host: Bro Stanley & Sis Aliz
Address: 82/1 Harvesters Way, EH14 3JJ
Coordinator: Bro Toyosi Oye

Host: Bro Nimi & Sis Susan
Address: 11/2 Cleghorn Road, EH4 4SZ
Coordinator: Sis Nneka Nnadi